The liebster award

A huge thank you to Yella from for inviting me to do my first ever blogger tag post! I got asked some great questions which you can see the answers to below but first, the rules of the tag.

  • Thank the person for tagging you
  • Answer their questions 
  • Tag between 5-11 other bloggers 
  • Give them 5-11 questions
  • Let them know they’ve been tagged

What would the perfect Sunday morning look like to you? It would have to start with waffles from The Green Cafe in Greenwich. I’ve almost spoilt myself as the first place we’ve lived in London is walking distance to Greenwich. Then I’d probably have to wander round the clock tower vintage market before picking up a Pimms and fresh lemonade from Greenwich market.

What’s your all time favourite book?
Oh this is so hard! I go through so many phases with book genres that I’m obsessed with (right now its psychological thrillers) but the book I probably always come back to is The Great Gatsby. Ironically when I studied it for my AS levels I actually hated it but as I began to understand the sub stories and complexities it gripped me and I probably go back to it every year and come away remembering something new each time.

What’s your biggest goal in life? Probably just being happy? Obviously I have different goals for all aspects of my life from blog to career to body image but those are all relative compared to just having a happy healthy life with my family.

What do you love most about your blog? The fact that it gives me a purpose to get out and explore interesting and different pockets of London. And that it introduced me to the blogging community where I feel like I’ve established some genuine friendships that are only going to flourish.

Who inspired you recently? This is really difficult.I sometimes think I’m inspired without really realising it. To be honest some of the deep conversations me and Tom have really get me thinking about myself and my life and can often spur blog ideas so he inspires me a lot and makes me challenge my own thought process.

What advice would you give someone who wants to start blogging? Go for it! Honestly don’t ever look back. Do what suits you and join blog chats as often as you can!

What’s your favourite cocktail? Hands down an espresso martini. I’m a little bit of a caffeine addict so it’s just my absolute dream in a glass. It also helps that you can get them for free in London from with the help of Drinki App!

I’ll be tagging my bloggers ball blog squad:

Chloe from

Kirsty from

Chloe from

Lauren from mylifeaslauren1993

Chloe from

Here are your questions girls! 

  1. What’s your ultimate pet hate?
  2. What’s your favourite animal ?
  3. What would be your death row meal?
  4. Where’s your favourite city ?
  5. If you could choose only one to use what would it be? Twitter/Instagram/Facebook?
  6. What’s your favourite cuisine?
  7. Least favourite household chore?
  8. If you’ve ever been to London what’s your favourite thing about it?
  9. What’s your ultimate blogging tip?
  10. Who’s your favourite blogger (big or small)?
  11. And finally, what’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?


  1. Yella Hawk · July 12, 2017

    Yay! I love your answers! Thank you for doing the tag! xxx

  2. Lauren · July 12, 2017

    Great answers! Those waffles look unreal, when I’m London next I might have to take a trip to The Green Cafe! And espresso martinis are soo good, I always drink them when I need a little extra boost on a night out ha

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

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