Northern Girl on… my body image story – update 3

Can you believe a whole other month has passed since my last body update? So what’s happened since?

  1. I went on holiday to Majorca for a weekend and wore a bikini
  2. I went out in crop top and jeans
  3. I haven’t weighed myself since 
  4. I’ve started a new fitness regime

My new favourite outfit – out for drinks in London

    Safe to say it feels like this month I have taken huge steps to improving my mental health. Majorca was a big factor in that. I didn’t feel fat in my bikini and I was going out in size 6 dresses! The group I was with was just the most amazing group of people and I never once felt uncomfortable or self conscious and I literally came back like a new person. I am so much happier in myself and it’s reflecting in all aspects of my life. My relationship is stronger and my health is much improved, I barely have half of my IBS pains (proof it is emotion related)!

    The day after I’d got back from Majorca I’d completely forgotten it was my first HIIT class session with “Divas with Dumbbells” – more on that later – and I have to say I’m hooked. Your first 2 classes are free which is incredible but after that not only are the classes super affordable but the amazing girls who run the sessions also create for you a personal nutrition plan, homework to help you with your goals and take your measurements to help you see your progress. Me and tom have also started playing tennis again so I’m really working on my fitness in time for Cyprus  (40 days to go).

    I’m hoping that with the right nutrition plan and fitness regime I can get myself to a state where I am ultimately fit and healthy but also happy with myself and feel like I deserve the slightly unhealthy treats. Thanks to a Twitter poll I’m running a food and fitness diary this week so it’s certainly helping me make conscious food choices.

    It’s safe to say this time last month was a huge struggle but now, it couldn’t be more different. I can barely even remember what my weight was that I was so unhappy about and long may this continue!

    NG x

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    1. Lauren · July 30, 2017

      Girl, I am so happy that this month has been so much better for you! I’m so proud of you <3 And you look amazing! Good luck with the future!

      Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

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