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I can’t believe we’re in June already! I was so new to blogging back in January I didn’t realise how much of a thing “goals lists” were so I never did one. Thinking about it now, I have no idea why I didn’t think to, even if I didn’t share it I should have set out my aims and goals- I’m a sucker for a to do list after all! To make up for it I’ve decided to do a half-year one with my aims for the remainder of 2017, separating them into blog, life and health.


  • I was very lucky to hit my initial target of 1000 twitter followers by my birthday so I’m going to be even more ambitious and hope for 2k by the new year 
  • Similarly, I’d love reach 500 instagram followers 
  • I’m hoping that I can attend my first blog event/get my first sponsored post offer 
  • I’d also love to regularly meet up with other local bloggers and try and formulate some friendships.  One of the hardest things about moving to London has been adapting to the loneliness. Tom has worked shifts our entire relationship so that’s nothing new but before if he was working on an evening/weekend I’d be able to call round and see family/friends – not so easy when you’re 200km away. Whilst we regularly catch up on phone calls/facetime it’s not the same.
  • Improve my blog photography. This will probably be the one I struggle most with as I’m far from a natural photographer but I’ve bought a few pretty props and dug out my ancient Olympus EP-1 So it’s a start.

We recently took the camera on a walk with us for practice


    • I’m a money worrier so a big part of my 2017 is clearing a huge chunk off my credit card. I have another couple of years to clear it so I’m not too worried but it’ll be good to get rid of a lot.
    • Likewise keep squirreling away our savings. This is quite easy to do as I have automated payments set up to a help to buy isa. We’d love to be able to afford our own house but it’s looking impossible in London atm so it’s not our number one priority but we can both comfortably afford the payments whilst we adjust to our London life. 
    • I didn’t go to university so I’ve fought for where I am at work, especially in a heavily male environment so I’m hoping to continue to grow this and increase my role and responsibility.
    • I’d also love to learn to cook. I owe Tom a cooking masterclass for his birthday so it’s definitely one to tick off this year.
    • I’d love to grow my hair again to donate it. I have such a love/hate relationship with my hair. When it’s long and thick it takes so much to maintain and style but when it’s short I miss being able to throw it back in a pony on my lazy days but I know it will always grow again and it’s satisfying knowing that it has been donated to a good cause. If I do donate again it will be my third donation to The Little Princess’ Trust.
    • I received the most amazing journals for my birthday so one will be my new blog notebook, the other I’m planning on turning into a bullet journal.


    • I’m hoping 2017 is finally the year I get some sort of diagnosis in way of my stomach problems. I’ve been battling near constant pain for almost 4 years with 1 major surgery and countless other scans/procedures with no success so far but I’m due to see a specialist in June so it’s progress.  
    • I’d always said at the start of this year I wanted to run a 10k so that’s very much still on my mind. I’m aiming for this around September time and I’m looking to do a blog series all about how different people have trained for different running events/distances so watch this space!
    • I’d love this year to be the year I finally combat my body issues. It ultimately felt great recognising my issues with the blog and I think it was a huge step towards recovery. I’m trying not to focus so much on numbers on a scale and more my own confidence and positivity so I’m aiming for:
    1. Feeling confident in my bikini – I’m going on two holidays this year and it’ll be my first beach holiday in 2 years so this is a huge one. I didn’t wear a bikini to a spa weekend last year because I  wasn’t happy so yeah, watch this space.
    2. I would also love to stop focusing on numbers on a scale and more on how I feel in my clothes. I let the numbers my weight was at rule my life for so long so I’m trying to change those goals to things like feeling confident enough to work out in just a sports bra and leggings or getting the confidence to wear crop tops back.
    3. I’m also hoping to celebrate my good days more. I will proudly say that there are days when I do want to celebrate my body. I’m trying to remember to wear clothes that suit my body type rather than just my dress size and embracing this.
    • I’d also love to be able to get my emotions/stress under control.  It’s the number one cause for friction in my relationship so this is another huge thing for me to finally achieve and I hope the two will go somewhat hand in hand. Get my eating under control and the emotions will hopefully follow.  

    The new running gear I got for my birthday to try and motivate me through the summer

      Do you have any goals for this year? NG x


      1. Lucy Freeman · June 1, 2017

        Brilliant goals. I don’t like to see you feel lonely since moving to London 🙁 hopefully you’ll make some great friends down here soon. It’s easier said than done isn’t it not focusing on the numbers on the scale but I took the batteries out of mine so it’s such a pain to get on them so I don’t bother. Xxxxxxxx

      2. Steph // Steph's World · June 1, 2017

        Lovely half year goals! Hopefully you can smash every single one.

        I cannot believe you’ve already made 2 donations to little princess trust. This made me cry as when I grew my hair to donate it, it all fell out and now I have a Bob which I have to try and maintain to make it grow back. So proud of you for doing this for an amazing cause! If you do a fundraiser for this, please let me know and I’ll donate any money I can.

        Steph xx

      3. Holly · June 1, 2017

        Congrats on hitting your initia target!! You’ve got some great things going on. You should be proud!

        Holly x

      4. Sapna · June 1, 2017

        It’s really lovely to read about other people’s goals! I thought I would get to 1K twitter and Instagram followers by the end of this year and I am so close on Instagram already. Such a good idea to set goals so you can track any progress. xx

      5. Stacey · June 1, 2017

        I think it’s such a good idea to write down your goals. My problem is that I hardly ever stick to them! I think it’s great how far you’ve come with your blog in such a short time and I wish you all the best in the months to come.

      6. Debra-Bow Clarke · June 1, 2017

        I think doing a post like this is brilliant because putting it out there gives you so much more motivation to keep going and reach your goals! Well done lovely I’m rooting for you!

      7. Lauren · June 1, 2017

        Good luck with your goals <3 I really hope they find out the cause of your stomach problems, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. I'm hope to save a lot this year as well, it's proving quite difficult atm (I didn't realise just how much money a car takes ha) but I'm sure I'll get there.

        Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

      8. Alicia S · June 2, 2017

        These are some really good goals! I’d recommend going to some blogosphere events to get your name and face known by other bloggers and companies, at least that’s how I’ve found brands that wanted to work with me and such.
        Alicia x

      9. Tania · June 2, 2017

        Making a list of your goals is such a good way to make sure you stick to them. I hope you manage to smash them in the next 6 months. (I’m sure you will!)

        Tania ||

      10. Kayleigh Zara · June 3, 2017

        These are some really amazing half year goals, I hope you achieve them all! I’m also like looking to run a half marathon as well this year x

        Kayleigh Zara

      11. abbeylouisarose · June 4, 2017

        It sounds like you have some really well thought out goals here, girlie! I like how you’ve split them up into different areas of your life, I’m sure that has given you a lot of focus and motivation for what you want to achieve! Well done on smashing your follower goal, I’m sure that your blog will keep going from strength to strength! I think that your goal of focusing on how you feel in your body instead of the number on a scale is such a positive one! Go you!

        Abbey 🐬

      12. Izzy Marie Hill · June 4, 2017

        I loved how personal these goals were! Sorry to hear that London life has been a bit lonely, you should definitely try and find a facebook page for London bloggers so you can find out about events or meet ups near you 🙂 and yay for your beach holiday! Where are you off to? Body confidence is such a tricky thing, I totally feel you!

        Lots of Love Izzy |

      13. giana · June 4, 2017

        I love reading stuff like this. I always like having goals and things to strive to. Congrats on the 1000 twitter followers!


      14. Sian Reed · June 12, 2017

        I need to recap my 2017 goals too! You’ve already accomplished so much but it’s fine to keep wanting to push yourself! I want to be a sports journalist so similarly to you, going into a male-dominated job!

        Sian x

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