It’s certainly no secret that the North/South divide is a “thing”, the location map for Waitrose will show you that, so when I proudly skipped around my hometown of Wakefield in October smugly revealing I was moving to “The City” I wasn’t surprised to be met with the “oh I could never move to such a large city.”

What I was surprised by was just how many people seemed shocked that a young couple (I moved for my boyfriend’s work) could afford to live in London. If I had a pound for every time someone said “you’ll never have any money for anything fun” we’d be living like royalty.

What these people seem to be forgetting to factor in is that when you’re brought up in the North you’re taught a little thing or two about being frugal and growing up with a mother who worked in a bank I had picked up a thing or two about money along the way. I certainly wasn’t worried about our move.

Fast forward a few weeks and we’d arrived in this wonderful city and going about our business enjoying what LDN has to offer. The usual post weekend chats in the office were filled with all the things we had been up to. 

What I hadn’t been prepared for was the shock of my colleagues when they’d found out what we’d done on so little money. Or when it came to buying new work clothes; just how little I was spending. It seemed this Northern girl hadn’t realised just how wide the North/South divide was when it came to budgeting instincts.

With every new cost saving, came more surprise to such extremes that my boss was convinced if I put all my tips in a book, it would be a certain bestseller! 

That is what sparked this blog, I will be using this space to share my best tips and tricks to making the most of your money when in London. I will be guiding you through eating out, weekend (and weekday) drinking, some of my favourite free weekend activities and many many more because whilst it’s nice hibernating and being a hermit to save money; she really is a beautiful, beautiful place to explore…

(captured during a Saturday sunset in Greenwich)

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