Finding my personality in my underwear?*

If there’s one thing I love, it’s discovering new brands and supporting them. So when Scrumpies of Mayfair offered me the chance to sample their product I was delighted. Even more so for the fact that they are a local (London) based brand.

About the brand

A life long dream of a husband and wife Ian and Vicki, they retired from their work as corporate lawyers to live out their dream, creating unique and truly stunning underwear designed to be more like works of art. The name is derived from “to scrump” the mischievous British tradition of stealing apples from the orchard – as if you even needed more proof of their British heritage. That isn’t where the apple reference ends. Each pair of Scrumpies is named after a brand of apple; pink lady, gala, golden delicious, well you get the idea. Each pair also has it’s own “personality” to help you choose your best fit.

The packaging

Each pair of Scrumpies comes in the most beautiful box in a shade of blue that can only be compared to a well known jewellery brand. Luxurious indeed. Perhaps one of the even more unique features of your Scrumpies is the adorable apple charm that comes with it. The charm can be worn on the underwear themselves or you could perhaps even add it to your key ring. This combined with the luxury packaging and included invitation really help make you feel like you’re part of an exclusive club. Which is exactly what you are – you’re now a Scrumpies Girl.

The underwear

I personally went for the Northern Lights design. Iceland is the top of my travel list so naturally these jumped out at me. They’re a french kicker style which I love and the blending blue and green colours are simply captivating. They’re made with a silk chiffon and have three crystal buttons as an opening on the side. They feel incredible to the touch and the tiny crystals on them simply add to the mystical magic – perfectly suiting the northern lights theme. The accompanying charm is made from sparkling Czech crystals in a beautiful blue sapphire. I opted for these simply for my Iceland travel goals but I could have happily chosen any of the pairs on offer! They have an extensive sizing guide on the website to ensure you get the perfect fit for you.

A proud Scrumpies Girl with my charm on my keys


It’s needless to say, Ian and Vicki have excelled at creating exactly what they set out to do. Every pair of Scrumpies is a true work of art and feel so unique. It feels great to be a Scrumpies Girl! Whether you’re like me and dream of Iceland or you want some new underwear with a personality to match yours, Scrumpies of Mayfair have you covered.

You can also follow their social media @ScrumpiesLDN

NG x

*The item in this post was gifted to me for free in exchange for this post. All opinions are honest and my own. 

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