Northern Girl on… Studio Recordings

Room 101  That Thing on a Friday Night Tim Vine Travels in Time  Taskmaster  Unspun with Matt Forde  John Bishop in Conversation With...  Jason Manford's Big Heads  Your Face or Mine  The Unbelievable Truth  You'd be forgiven for thinking I'd decided to list all my favourite TV/radio shows, but these are all the things I... Continue Reading →

Northern Girl on… Walking Tours

It's no secret that the London Underground is a quickest and most convenient way to get around the city but it also means that it is far too easy to spend most of our time looking at tunnels under ground and missing everything that there is to see above it. This weekend Transport for London teamed... Continue Reading →


It's certainly no secret that the North/South divide is a "thing", the location map for Waitrose will show you that, so when I proudly skipped around my hometown of Wakefield in October smugly revealing I was moving to "The City" I wasn't surprised to be met with the "oh I could never move to such... Continue Reading →

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